Submit Your Book Proposal

Submit Your Book Proposal

Entrepreneur Press is always looking for timely, relevant books by authors with strong media platforms. We are currently accepting submissions in the following categories: small business startup and how-to, entrepreneurial lifestyle, marketing, digital media and marketing, sales, productivity, habits, leadership, management, sales, biz tech how-to, career, women's leadership and development, and diversity in business. We do NOT accept: fiction, autobiography, business history, or books about personal business philosophy. Before you submit, make sure your proposal includes the following:

  • Book overview
    This should include the title, a subtitle, number of proposed pages, brief summary, and schedule for completion
  • Detailed table of contents (TOC)
    2-3 sentence summaries of each chapter
  • Two sample chapters
    These should include your introduction and/or preface to the book.
  • Marketing
    This should include who the target market is for your book and why they are important; how you plan to reach that market(s); what kind of network and/or platform you have that would support marketing the book. Please include details for any of the following that apply to your marketing plan:
    • Email subscribers
    • Media contributions/appearances (i.e. regular columns, guest appearances, etc.)
    • Book contributors or promoters (consider for testimonials, foreword, marketing affiliate)
  • List of the competition
    List 5 current (within the last 3 years) competitive titles and include the publisher, year published, and comparisons. Your comparisons should answer the following:
    • Why will someone use your book over those you listed?
    • What is in your book not found in competition?
    • Include two sentences as to what will the reader gain and learn that he/she does not have prior to reading?
  • Author biography
    Include 3-5 paragraphs about yourself, your background, and why you are the right person to write this book.
  • Previously published books
    List any and all books you may have previously published, their sales history, and your landing pages and marketing plans for them.

Please include your name, book title, and email address on all materials submitted.


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