What is a 'Deck' in Article Submissions?

Article submissions require a deck. A "deck" is a brief 1-2 sentence summarization that previews the main points of your article. It is located at the top of the article, directly under the article title. As we promote the article throughout our site, the article deck may also be promoted with it.


The decks of two articles are enclosed in red boxes in the screenshot below:

Purpose of a Deck  

  • Overview: The deck provides a summary of the article's content, allowing readers to quickly understand the topic and its relevance.
  • Engagement: A compelling deck can capture the reader's interest, encouraging them to read the full article.
  • Clarity: It sets clear expectations for the reader about the main points and direction of the article.

Tips for Writing a Deck

  • Location in CMS: The deck field is located in the CMS below the article headline field near the top of the page.
  • Be Concise: Limit the deck to 1-2 sentences. It should provide a snapshot of the article.
  • Highlight Key Points: Focus on the main arguments or findings of your article.
  • Avoid Redundancy: Ensure that the deck complements the title without repeating it.