How do I check my article's status in CMS?

Members of Entrepreneur Leadership Network® have the ability to check the status of their articles under the site lister page in CMS.

Here, each article will be listed with a symbol located to the left of its headline. This symbol indicates what stage of the process the article is currently in.


Here are the symbols and what they stand for:

  • Yellow circle: The article is a draft. It either hasn't been submitted or has been checked back out to you by your editor to make changes. If you do not make those changes in a timely manner, it may delay the posting of your article. 
  • Orange circle: The article has been submitted for review and is waiting for an editor to review it. 
  • Light green checkmark: The article is being reviewed by an editor and will be scheduled within 2-4 weeks.
  • White clock: The article is scheduled to be published. You will receive an automated email when it goes live. 
  • Green circle: The article is live on the site.
  • Red circle: The article has been rejected.